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Our Ministries:

Adventure Kids Club

Adventure Kids Club

Adventure Kids Club exists to help families disciple their children into followers of Jesus who experience and share God’s powerful love. 


At Hope Vineyard we believe God gives His gifts to believers of all ages. Whatever an adult can do, so can a child.


Children are welcome to join the Adventure Kids Club during the adult Sunday service for a time of children’s worship, teaching, creative projects, and prayer. They learn about God’s powerful love, what gifts God has given them individually, and how to use them.  Classes are currently available for the nursery and Preschool classes during the 9:30am service. Please click here to review the AKC Sick Policy and Covid Procedure for children's classes.

At Hope Vineyard we want to provide a safe, fun place for your children to learn about God’s love while you attend the church service. All of the volunteers in Adventure Kids Club receive training before being assigned to a classroom. There are always two adults in each room (1 teacher & 1 assistant) and your children are never left alone. We use a secure check in/check out system to ensure that you (or an approved adult) are the only people allowed to take your child from their classroom. If there is a problem during the service we will contact you immediately.

Our children’s ministry is based on four components: Worship, Pray, Share, and Bible.


Worship: we strive to teach our children authentic worship of the God who loves them.
Pray: we guide our children in praying for each other in children’s ministry and for adults in the church service.
Share: children are equipped with the tools and knowledge to share Christ’s love with their classmates and friends.
Bible: our self-written curriculum is always based on scripture and we encourage our children to memorize important verses.


Adventure Kids Club has several unique classrooms for different age groups:

Jungle Cruisers (6 months – 3 years) Infants and babies are cared for and nurtured by our wonderful volunteers. Those able to crawl or walk have fun playing with the other babies and with lots of toys.

Treasure Hunters (Preschool – 1st grade) Children participate in children’s worship, then return to class for a lesson which includes reading from the Bible, memorizing verses, prayer, making crafts or doing a Biblical skit. Children are often given free time to play before the service is over.

Mountain Climbers (2nd – 5th grade) Older elementary age children participate in children’s worship, then return to class for a more in-depth lesson including readings from the Bible, memorizing verses, praying for each other and learning about their gifts and talents. Children also make crafts or do Biblical skits.

Children are often given free time to play and socialize before the service is over.

If you have concerns about your child’s special needs or accommodations, please talk with the classroom teacher when you arrive on Sunday morning, or contact our Director Kyle Wand. We welcome all children and would love to see you this Sunday!

Children can be signed-in starting 15 minutes before the service.

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