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Our Ministries:

Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry

The Vineyard’s rich 30-year history of worship has influenced the way many of today’s churches approach worshiping God. Though the style is contemporary and feels familiar and relevant to just about everybody who grew up with rock music, it isn’t the style that touches people. It’s the values built in to our worship that find a place, not only deep inside the people gathered here, but also in the very heart of God. In fact, we worship to celebrate God and to bring ourselves and others into a closer relationship with Jesus.

The Vineyard’s worship values have been described in many ways, but we like to summarize them in three words –– Accessibility, Intimacy, and Authenticity.

Accessibility means our worship isn’t about the creative expression and performance of the musicians. It’s about the needs of the people who are watching and listening. Sure, we all want quality in our worship music, but more important is the way the music speaks into our lives, lets everyone join in, and talks directly to God. The musicians playing worship aren’t rock starts, they’re pastors, serving the congregation with caring and humility.

Intimacy is at the core of our worship. The music is written to help us draw closer to Jesus in a very real way. The lyrics, projected on to screens, are often based on scripture and are love songs to God, whether they’re fast or slow.

Authenticity is a response to God who is looking for people to worship him honestly and truthfully. It means that we want our worship and the ways we live to be in line with each other, so that when walk out the doors of the church we continue to love God and others in the same way we do when we sing worship songs.

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