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I'm New!

Thank you for checking out our website! By clicking the links on the left, you’ll find all the information you need about Sunday mornings, children and youth, small groups, events, and much more. At least it will remove some of the mystery from being new.


But we think you’ll find your first actual church visit as easy to take as our website. As we said, we’re a family, and that means no pressure. Come as you are. Ask questions. Get prayer. Enjoy some amazing worship. Meet some great people.

Check out all of our ministries and get more information by clicking the drop-down boxes above, or contact us if you have questions.


NewComer’s Class
Want a more comprehensive overview of Hope Vineyard Church? Our NewComers Class will fill you in on the vision, values, beliefs and structure of the church. It’s a casual and informal place where you can get to know our Pastor, Robert Stovall and his wife, Kim, and get honest, straightforward answers to all your questions. At the end of the class you’ll have an opportunity to become members of Hope Vineyard if you like the fit.

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