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Hope 20/20

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What is the hope 20/20 campaign?
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The Hope 20/20 giving campaign will focus on replacing the entire roof on our building with a 20 year guarantee. A casual glance in our hallways or prayer room would reveal the desperate need for this. The campaign will also focus on paying down 20% of our debt we have from the original building project in 2014. Our total goal being $150,000.

The campaign will be over the course of 20 months. Please pray about what God may have you do for Hope 20/20. You can give an amount as a one-time gift or you can stretch it out over the 20 months. Once you have made a decision, no matter what amount, please fill out the pledge form.

If you'd like to make an online donation, please choose the category Hope 20/20.


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In this journey of faith in Jesus, there is always something that seems to call us up higher or draw us on to something greater, something big for the Kingdom of God – like Peter getting out of the boat to walk on the water; or praying for someone to get healed; or trusting God to supply all of our needs when there is nothing left in the pantry or the bank account.


When we think or talk about the Kingdom of God, we usually envision things like freedom, peace, love, lack of want or need and completeness. But we see all throughout the Bible that when things are most difficult, THAT is the very place where God steps in and answers our prayer of “Your Kingdom come!” with all of His wisdom, strength, power and miracles.


We often quote John Wimber here: “Faith is spelled ‘R-I-S-K’”. 


What would it be like if we took the opportunity as a church body, as a family of faith, and together stepped into a difficult situation, a seemingly utter impossibility, and gave God our trust to do something miraculous and amazing?


The God story of the Hope Vineyard Church congregation and this building is an amazing one of seeing the Holy Spirit meet people right where they are at in their lives and inject them with His Kingdom life. We could say there is something special that happens here. But we must always remember the physical things we have are simply tools that God has given to us for His use. We have been entrusted with this building to care for and steward it well, keeping it sharp, in good condition and available to be used by Him for His purposes in our lives and in the lives of people He brings our way.


We have been blessed with men and women with skills to see where the building is in need of repair, re-sharpening and re-conditioning so it remains a useful tool in the Hands of our Master Builder. Those people have informed the Board and the Core Team that now is the time that we need to turn our attention to caring for this amazing tool.


The roof of the church is in desperate need of repair. You can see the water damage that is literally leaving its mark. Not many of us think about roofs or roof repair all that often, but like regular maintenance on your vehicle or 6-month check-ups at your doctor, they must be done.


Another negative effect on this wonderful tool we have been given is the weight of our mortgage. God has blessed us with men and women who help us to be wonderful stewards of the money we receive. We have refinanced our loan and are getting a great interest rate. 


From the perspective of this world, 2020 would not be a time to start something big, incredible, risky, and nearly impossible.  But we don’t live with the world’s perspective; we are called by Almighty God to live with a Kingdom perspective.


The “Hope 20/20” Capital Campaign 

  • HOPE – If there is one thing we could wish more of for our world today it would be Hope, right? And it is what we have in our Saviour God for all we need for our lives. It is who we are, it is what we have and it is what Jesus wants to give our world through us.


  • 20/20 – represents the two main issues we will focus on in the campaign:

    • 20 – when we have seen God help us reach the campaign goal, we will have a new roof that will be guaranteed for 20 years.  Some repair and restoration now means we won’t have to wonder or worry about if for a long time.

    • 20 – when we have seen God help us reach the campaign goal, we will be able to pay down an additional 20% of our mortgage, freeing us to use the gifts, tithes and offerings He provides to meet the Kingdom and physical needs of the people around us.


The goal for the “Hope 20/20” capital campaign is $150,000.


I would like to ask you to prayerfully ask God how He wants you to fling yourself into His arms and let Him provide for your every need. Ask Him how He wants you to participate in this extraordinary, difficult, impossible opportunity to risk for His glory and for this amazing tool of a building in the Hope 20/20 campaign.


There is a saying in fundraising that is always appropriate: “Not equal gifts but equal sacrifice.” This means we will never ask you for a specific dollar amount. That is for you and God to determine.


It also means that not everyone will be expected to give the same amount. We cannot reach the goal by having 150 people give $1,000 each. That is not the way of God, nor the way of faith, nor the way of a successful campaign effort.


But it does mean we are trusting that you will allow yourself the opportunity to commit to a pledge that makes you say, “I don’t know how I can make this happen…But I will be a faithful steward of my money and trust God to provide.” We are trusting that you will use this opportunity to spell your faith “R-I-S-K” and watch God work in and through you.


Please consider your pledge and commitment to the Hope 20/20 capital campaign between now and Thanksgiving. We would like to receive your pledge by that time.


Your pledge can be paid over 20 months – picking up a pattern? So you can break down your amount into smaller payments. Only Robert and Patty in the Church office will know the specific details of your pledge. The Board will only receive updates on the cumulative totals.


The Board and the Core Team as the leaders of Hope Vineyard Church have already committed pledges totaling $45,500 – so we are already 30% of our way to the Hope 20/20 goal!


Thank you in advance for your willingness to join together on this extraordinary, difficult, impossible, incredible opportunity to risk for God and His glory through Hope Vineyard Church.



We  supply giving envelopes at every service.

Through our online database website, you can give online, schedule payments, and setup automatic payments.

We encourage you not to use credit cards unless you plan to pay off your card in full each month.

To give through your checking or savings account you will need to sign on to our online database and click the “Give” tab.

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