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Spiritual Discipline

Thriving Spiritually

during Coronavirus Stay At Home

Thriving During Stay At Home
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1. Worship

  1. YouTube Playlist of worship

  2. Last couple weeks’ livestream worship

2. Thanksgiving
3. Reading the Bible

  1. YouVersion Bible App

  2. Bible Gateway

4. Praying the Psalms
5. Centering Prayer

  1. Centering Prayer Mobile App

    1. Google Play

    2. AppStore

6. Prayer of the Examen

  1. Prayer of the Examen - PDF

  2. Reimagining the Examen Mobile App

    1. Google Play

    2. App Store

  3. Examen App by Fuller Seminary

    1. Google Play

    2. App Store

7. Lectio Divina

  1. Charles Bello

  2. Contemplative Bible Reading: Experiencing God Through Scripture (Spiritual Disciplines Study Guide) by Richard Peace


8. Journaling

  1. Spiritual Journaling: Recording Your Journey Toward God (Spiritual Formation Series) by Richard Peace


9. Reading the Bible with your imagination

10. Immanuel Prayer

  1. A Guide to Connecting with Immanuel On Your Own - PDF

  2. Learn More or Request Immanuel Prayer


Books we recommend

  1. Surrender To Love by David Benner

  2. The Gift of Being Yourself by David Benner

  3. The Pursuit Of God by AW Tozer

  4. The Attributes of God: A Journey into the Father's Heart by AW Tozer

  5. Celebration of Discipline - The Path to Spiritual Growth by Richard Foster

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